Funeral Flowers

Flowers for the most difficult of times

Confronting and navigating the process of bereavement in a foreign country can undoubtedly be a daunting endeavor. This is an experience that Shona, the owner of Bunches Florist, has personally encountered. Therefore, she brings forth a profound level of empathy, as well as extensive expertise, in offering thoughtful and appropriate funeral flowers on the Costa del Sol, accompanied by her renowned understanding and supportive service.

With over two decades of comprehensive experience in hot climate floristry, Bunches Florist possesses an exceptional understanding of the unique considerations associated with this specialized field. From funeral wreaths and sprays to floral arrangements in the form of Teddy bears or even Footballs, we wholeheartedly dedicate ourselves to ensuring that the flowers we provide impart a sense of solace during this exceptionally challenging period.

Funeral services in Spain are typically conducted with a greater degree of expediency compared to other countries. This leaves a limited timeframe for attending to crucial details, including the provision of appropriate and fitting floral arrangements. Similar to numerous other cultural practices, funeral flowers play a significant role in Spanish traditions. They serve as a considerate and poignant means of expressing sympathy, offering condolences, and demonstrating support while visually paying tribute to the departed through their exquisite beauty and evocative fragrances. We take immense pride in capturing the essence of individual personality and emotion as we assist you in selecting funeral flowers.

Within Spanish culture, it is customary for a wake to precede the funeral, often held in a local Tanatorio (Chapel of Rest), allowing the family to keep vigil while friends and loved ones pay their respects. The interment, wherein the coffin is laid to rest in a niche or burial plot, typically occurs within a span of twenty-four hours. Additionally, a Rosario, a commemorative event, is typically held nine days later, primarily for those who were unable to attend the funeral service. Bunches Florist responds promptly by discreetly arranging and delivering funeral flowers along the Costa, spanning from Benalmadena to Marbella. Whether for wakes, funeral services, burials, or celebrations of life, we ensure that our floral offerings resonate with sensitivity and consideration.

For those seeking funeral flowers in Fuengirola or flowers for a funeral in Marbella, the professional team at Bunches Florist provides unwavering dependability and assurance. Our experienced team diligently crafts and delivers exquisite memorial wreaths, floral tributes, and sympathy bouquets precisely where they are required, ensuring punctuality and peace of mind.

Bunches Florist is the trusted choice for individuals in search of funeral flowers in Fuengirola or floral arrangements for funerals in Marbella. Our dedicated team of professionals upholds unwavering dependability and utmost assurance. With precision and care, we expertly handcraft and deliver exquisite memorial wreaths, floral tributes, and sympathy bouquets to the intended destination, guaranteeing punctuality and providing a comforting sense of peace.

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